(Solution document) Question 1 Which defines a primary source?

Question 1 


Which defines a primary source?

Question 1 options:

The results of a computer search related to the primary topic of Interest

A report of a study written by the researcher who did the study

A published summary of the relevant research in a primary care area

The thesaurus that identifies key words to use in a computer search

Question 2 


Which of the following types of information is consistently covered in a quantitative literature review?

Question 2 options:

Deions of effective clinical outcomes

Anecdotal opinions of expert researchers

Approaches used to investigate similar problems

Clinical impressions of related phenomena

Question 3 


The primary purpose of reviewing relevant literature is to:

Question 3 options:

Select the research design

Delineate the existing knowledge base of an identified problem

Interpret previous research findings

Develop conceptual and operational definitions of variables

Question 4


Which of the following indexes would provide the largest number of relevant nursing sources?

Question 4 options:

International Nursing index

Nursing Studies Index

Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature




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