(Solution document) Understand how the use of atmospherics helps organizations (e., retailers) to create consumer value.

Understand how the use of atmospherics helps organizations (e.g., retailers) to create consumer value. 

Murray's Cheese is an example of a successful business which not only aims at selling different kinds of cheese but also forges relationships with its customers. Murray Cheese which has multiple stores in Manhattan has a partnership with Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains in America. The collaboration was initiated by Kroger as they were impressed with the environment created in Murray's cheese shops.

The quality that Murray's looks for in its salesperson is a genuine passion for what they are selling and more importantly a desire to connect with people. Their customer service is very friendly and approachable. At Murray's, a customer doesn't have to be a cheese connoisseur as the salesperson knows her cheese and shares that knowledge to help people have an experience they would not have been able to have on their own. Murray's believes that the best way to sell food is to have people eat it so they don't spend on what they don't like. Establishing a rapport with the customer enables the business to get customers to experiment and try varieties that they have never tried before. It is this premise that converts a one-cheese-sell into a three-cheese-sell at Murray's as customers shell out more to buy more so they can share the novelty of their experience with friends.

  1. What is striking about working in a retail environment?
  2. What is the best way to sell cheese according to Murray?
  3. How does Murray achiee a three-cheese-sale instead of the regular one-cheese-sale? What is the role of Murray's customers service in influencing consumer decisions? 


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