(Solution document) Question 1. Casey is a manager of a local bakery-caf. Casey enters the walk-in refrigerator to take inventory.

Question 1. Casey is a manager of a local bakery-café. Casey enters the walk-in refrigerator to take inventory. She finds sliced deli meat packaged, dated and stored in the meat locker for use during today's lunch and dinner service. She sees frozen soups thawing in sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. She also notices raw chicken thawing directly above sliced tomatoes and prewashed salad greens. Identify the food safety hazard(s)?

a. Storing meat, poultry and seafood in the same refrigerator as produce violates the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act.

b. Deli meat should not be refrigerated once it is sliced because it promotes microbial growth

c. Meat, poultry and seafood should be thawed below fresh produce or ready prepared items to prevent juices from dripping on other foods

d. Frozen items should be thawed at room temperature on a kitchen countertop and not in the refrigerator

Question 2. For the past four hours, leftovers from your big holiday dinner have been sitting out in the kitchen for guests to eat. The leftovers include roasted chicken, fudge brownies, macaroni and cheese, dinner rolls and green bean casserole. Which foods are still safe to eat?

a. Dinner rolls and green bean casserole

b. Roasted chicken and macaroni and cheese

c. Macaroni and cheese and fudge brownies

d. Dinner rolls and fudge brownies

Question 3. When you were helping make chocolate chip cookies, you ate a large spoonful of the raw cookie dough. The next day you were sick with diarrhea and stomach pain. Why do you think that you became sick?

a. The cookie dough was expired

b. The cookie dough contained raw eggs that may have Salmonella bacteria

c. The cookie dough had moldy flour that may contain E. Coli

d. The cookie dough had sour milk

Question 4. Your little brother wants to help you make dinner. You tell him that he needs to wash his hands before he helps you handle food. He asks you how long he should wash his hands for. Your response?

a. 20 seconds

b. 1 minute

c. Long enough to rinse the soap off

d. 90 seconds

Question 5. Gary is making a chicken stir-fry for dinner. He had just started cooking the chicken breast and was working on chopping fresh vegetables when a friend invites him out to dinner. Gary decides that he can eat the chicken tomorrow and agrees to go out to dinner. He removes the partially cooked chicken from the stovetop, stores the chicken in an airtight plastic container and places it in the refrigerator with plans to finish cooking tomorrow. He also places the chopped vegetables in an airtight plastic container and places them in the refrigerator to cook tomorrow. Identify the food safety violation(s) (if any).

a. There are no food safety violations. Gary can finish making his chicken stir fry tomorrow

b. Gary can finish cooking the chicken tomorrow but should discard the vegetables since they were not partially cooked and may still contain bacteria

c. Gary should discard both the chicken and vegetables since both were not completely cooked

d. Gary should discard the partially cooked chicken but can cook the vegetables tomorrow

Question 6. Kelly wants to defrost some frozen chicken for dinner tonight and it is already 4 pm. How should Kelly defrost the chicken?

a. Running the chicken under warm water

b. Letting the chicken thaw on the counter while Kelly is at work

c. Microwave the chicken

d. All of these answers are appropriate

Question 7. Mary works as a cook at a local hospital. She is cooking a large batch of meatloaf that will be refrigerated and reheated tomorrow for lunch. Mary takes the meatloaf out of the oven at 12 pm and lets it sit on the countertop to cool. At 6 pm, Mary places the cooled pan in the refrigerator. Mary's manager tells her that the meatloaf cannot be used because Mary did not follow the FDA Food Code's two-stage cooling method. Choose the statement below that best describes the two-stage cooling method.

a. In the two-stage cooling method, food must be cooled from 140° F (60° C) to 70° F (21° C) within two hours and to 41° F (5° C) or lower within four hours.

b. Mary followed the two-stage cooling method by allowing the pan to cool within 6 hours. Mary's manager was wrong

c. In the two-stage cooling method, food must be cooled from 140° F (60° C) to 40° F (21° C) within two hours

d. In the two-stage cooling method, food must be cooled from 140° F (60° C) to 70° F (21° C) within two hours and then frozen

Question 8. You just made a quart of homemade chicken noodle soup to have for dinner this week. What is the best way to refrigerate the soup?

a. One deep container

b. In the pot in which it was cooked

c. The container doesn't matter

d. In several shallow containers

Question 9. You baked a pumpkin pie and an apple pie on Thursday night to bring to a party on Saturday. The pies have been sitting on the counter covered in foil. Identify the food safety hazard(s) (if any).

a. Both pies should not be eaten because they were left in the danger zone for too long.

b. The apple pie is safe to eat, however the pumpkin pie should have been refrigerated because it contains eggs and milk. Therefore, the pumpkin pie is not safe to eat

c. Both pies are safe to eat because they are covered in foil

d. The pumpkin pie is safe to eat, however the apple pie should have been refrigerated because it contained fresh fruit. Therefore, the apple pie is not safe to eat

Question 10. You are cooking hamburgers on the grill for you and a bunch of friends. Since you do not have a food thermometer, what is the best way to determine that the hamburgers are safely cooked?

a. Cook the hamburgers until there is no longer any pink inside to be sure all bacteria are destroyed

b. Smell the burgers to make sure they don't smell "off" before serving

c. Doneness and safety can only be judged by temperature. There is no alternative to a food thermometer.

d. Cook for 15 minutes to ensure all bacteria are destroyed.


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