(Solution document) Can you help me with this astronomy question?

Can you help me with this astronomy question?

1.Light of different colors has ___ .

a) different energies

b) the same energy

c) different elemental origins

d) This is a trick question and there are no detectable differences in different colors of light; simply our eyes perceive a difference.

2.Red light has a ____ wavelength than blue light.

a) brighter

b) longer

c) shorter

d) dimmer

3. The kind of light an object emits depends on its ____ .

a) size

b) mass

c) temperature

d) location in space

4. Do people and animals emit infrared light?

a) No

b) Yes

5. Can human eyes detect infrared light?

a) Sometimes, it depends on how bright is the surrounding environment.

b) Yes

c) No

d) Sometimes, it depends on the temperature of the light source.

6. Does infrared light pass through a black garbage bag, which is opaque to visible light?

a) Yes

b) No

7. Does infrared light pass through window glass, which is transparent to visible light?

a) No.

b) Yes

8. Planets orbiting other stars than the Sun, are more easily observed in visible light than infrared.

a)  True

b)  False

9. The constellation Orion looks about the same in infrared as it does visible light.

a)  True

b)  False

10 ____ light is trapped by the Earth's atmosphere, making it warmer.

a) Infrared

b) Radio wavelength

c) Gamma ray

d) Visible


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