(solution) Need the following answered, the more detail I receive within

Need the following answered, the more detail I receive within this the better. I need full paragraphs in details to help me understand the analysis. The information provided will help guide me on making a few decisions on my last project for my class. Thank you! **Open to negotiate price as long as the information is given correctly and in detail.**

The Company is Apple and I need the following questions answered with as much detail as


possible. The more detail available the higher I will pay the tutor. Starting price will be set


low but I am more than willing to negotiate. Looking to have this done before Thursday Jan


21st. Thank you!


Respond to each question below:


1. What does your company produce?


2. What trends in sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profit do you see?


3. Take care with the concept of $ dollars. Many financial statements are expressed in


millions of $. You would report $895 million for the value $895,000,000. Be a very careful




4. Diversity in products: comment on divisions and other reporting entitites Read the Notes to the Financial Statements (FS) for your SEC 10-K company. These "notes"


are displayed after the financial statements.


1. Inventory comments: costing information. What do you see? WIP?


2. Inventory: How is inventory described for your SEC 10-K company? LIFO, FIFO, and / or


average cost? Relate your answer to topics in our course.


3. Cost and sources for production materials: notice how cost is used in the SEC 10-K


4. Challenges and opportunities you see as you relate our current textbook topics to your


company. Details are high level in the SEC 10-K but organizations rely on Cost Accounting.


The postings for the SEC 10-K company should assist you with your SEC 10-K paper and




The financial statements for your company are usually posted in Item 8 of the SEC 10-K


document. The management discussion and analysis section is earlier in the report.


1. The management of risk and uncertainty is often included in the MD&A section


comments. What do you learn of interest here?


2. Divisions and Product Lines may be discussed in the MD&A section. What cost accounting


issues may arise in these areas as you consider our chapters for the week.


3. Management often explains higher or lower than expected in their comments. Discuss the


profitability and other comments in the MD&A section as they relate to our chapters thus on


budgets, variance analysis, and management. Using the SEC 10-K for your company, answer the following questions:


1. Costs and fluctuations are often discussed in the MD&A section. Any comments on your


analysis here? 2. Pricing decisions often relate both to knowing your costs as well as to the strategy of


pricing. Competition, loss leaders, and other elements may be discussed in the MD&A


section. Emerging markets and product lines are also an issue for some companies. What do


you learn from your review?


3.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability relate to many issues including


pollution and the cost of remediation and hazardous wastes. What do you learn about these


topics from the SEC 10-K?


4. Contingencies and liabilities: can they be estimated? Are they probable to occur? What


do you learn about your company in this area? How might cost issues including profitability


relate to these topics for your company?


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